George Peter Gatsis
The Black Diamond Effect Inc.

George Peter Gatsis graduated from George Brown College Graphic Arts Program and Executive Marketing Training Program through Nelvana-Corus Entertainment

George incorporated his company with the same name as his line of self-published books and comic books and has been producing Marketing, Advertising and Branding content since 1990!

In bullet point, George has:

  • created Canada's First Computer Generated comic book, and the World's First comic book/series to be mostly produced in the Vector Graphic Format, SINCE 1990!
  • publishing in print and digital since 1990,
  • produced and directed a weekly real-estate television show,
  • also developed Burger King's early Video POP/digital menu in the early 90s,
  • as well as developed Canadian Tire's Video POP from the ground up in the mid-2000s,
  • created and animated the logo opening for North American translation of the BeyBlade Cartoon,
  • created the key elements and logo for Cardcaptors and Medabots,
  • created license style guides the Cardcaptors, Medabots, BeyBlade, Franklin the Turtle, Little Bear, Babar, Elliot Moose, Redwall and Maggie and the Ferocious Beast,
  • developed full storyboards for romantic, horror and scifi scripts,
  • made a 54 minute short scifi film,
  • produced websites and help develop marketing strategies for launches of novel products,
  • has tutored artists on the most effective way to producing artwork and developing creative techniques,
  • produced a wide range of packaging for Philip Electronics, Cott Corporation, Coca Cola, Burger King, Honda, Ford and Nelvana,
  • technically assisted various book creators, to make "press ready" their content,
  • tech and production support for Michael Elliot's Screen Writer's Webinar Series and Black Book,
  • created the Captain's Chair Documentary Website for William Shatner,
  • managed Dave Sim's Cerebus High Society Digital release, by scanning, cleaning up, audio editing, animation, video editing, internet deployment, purchase fullfilment, tech-support and quality control,
  • preformed restoration on Dave Sim's Cerebus Volume 1 and Volume 2: High Society, pre-press tech-support and quality control,
  • has been developeding a process for creating content on Glasses Free 3D TV for the last 8 years!

George has produced a wide range of content for: Firstcom Cato Johnson, Young and Rubican, Vistek, Digital Imaging, Big Image Studios, Philips Electronics, Lunch Box Media, Burger King, Coca Cola, Canadian Tire, Nelvana, Corus Entertainment, Intelligent Creatures, Cott Corporation, Aardvark Vanaheim and Michael Elliot Productions.

And when all that is out of the way, George loves to relax, put his feet up and read comic books, watch movies and TV, and eat a plain cheese burger with sweet potato fries.